Fitzgerald Gravesite: Washington, DC

Rockville Pike, a stretch of suburban highway linking Bethesda with Rockville, Maryland is one of the most unattractive roads that I’ve ever had the displeasure of driving. The constantly gridlocked thoroughfare is lined with big-box stores, non-descript business hotels, drab office buildings, chain restaurants, and roughly 1,000 furniture stores. This stretch of land located just […]

Pasta Mia: Washington, DC, USA

My regular followers know that I love a good travel challenge. I thrive on hidden locations, long lines, and hard-to-come-by admission tickets. The more hoops that I have to jump through, the more I end up enjoying an experience. I’m a knowing, though still gullible, victim of effort justification in action. Pasta Mia was the […]

Little Serow: Washington, DC

The food served at Little Serow seems like an anomaly in the restaurant’s concept. One might expect seven courses of innovative, fresh, and flavorful food to come along with a fine-dining atmosphere, a month-long wait for reservations, and a hefty bill. Instead, diners have to work for the privilege of sampling the Northern Thai dishes artfully […]

The Phillips Collection: Washington, DC

In a city packed with free museums, it’s tempting to skip over The Phillips Collection and its $12 admission ticket. But the fee detracts the masses, which means you’ll be able to enjoy exquisite impressionist and modern art in an intimate setting. Paintings by masters such as Van Gogh, O’Keeffe, and Rothko are artfully displayed […]

Washington, DC: My Own Little Slice of Paris

Washington, DC: My Own Little Slice of Paris

If you’ve been following this baby of a blog that I recently created, it’s probably no secret to you that I’m a raging Francophile. In my mind, France embodies everything that is good in this world: amazing food, fashion, and romance (in order of importance, of course). On my dreamiest days, I picture myself in […]