Celtic Whiskey Shop: Dublin, Ireland

The Celtic Whiskey Shop is the only specialized whiskey emporium in all of Ireland. But the lack of local competition doesn’t mean that the store rests on its laurels. In 2013 the shop was awarded two World Whiskies Awards, including the overall “Best Whiskey Retailer Worldwide.” The store claims to stock every type of Irish whiskey […]

Driving in Ireland is Bananas

Traveling by train is my favorite way to get around Europe; each trip is like an amusement park ride for adults.  But tickets are expensive, schedules can be rigid, and the routes don’t always go to that hidden canyon or tiny medieval town. So, on recent trips I’ve traded in rails for rubber and have […]

Two Weeks in Ireland, Part 2: County Kerry, County Cork, and Dublin

This is the second installment of a two-week Ireland travel itinerary. Part 1 leaves you in Bunratty, just north of County Kerry. Part 2 covers the Dingle Peninsula, the Skellig Islands, portions of the Ring of Kerry, the Ring of Beara, County Cork, Dublin, and the area surrounding Dublin. As noted in the first installment, […]

Two Weeks in Ireland, Part 1: The North and in and Around Galway

This trip plan uses Dublin as a starting point and assumes that travelers will be going counterclockwise around the island by car. I’m presenting the itinerary in two installments - Part 1 covers Northern Ireland, the drive south to Galway, the Connemara, the Aran Islands, Galway City, and County Clare. For more visuals and a […]

The Little Cheese Shop: Dingle, Ireland

Halfway up Dingle’s hill and set apart from the town’s main tourism strip is The Little Cheese Shop. Upon entering, the store’s delightfully pungent scent will draw you directly to its focal point: a large counter stacked with teetering towers of colorful cheese wheels. The shop imports all of the world titans of fromage; you’ll find […]