Neal’s Yard: London, England

In the middle of bustling, not-so-secrect Covent Garden hides an urban oasis. Neal’s Yard is only accessible by two unassuming alleyways and goes overlooked by the vast majority of London tourists passing through the popular surrounding neighborhood. The concealed courtyard of rainbow-painted boutique shops and eateries started developing in the 1970s when Nicholas Saunders, an […]

The Bear Inn: Oxford, England

Tucked away on a lane just off the High Street, The Bear Inn is Oxford’s oldest and arguably most charming pub. Dating back to 1242, the pub’s low ceilings, scuffed floor boards, and heavy benches are reminiscent of a setting for one of the Canterbury Tales. The donated neckties blanketing the walls and ceilings represent […]

The Village of Shere: England

The tiny, unspoiled town of Shere hides in plain sight. Just 45 minutes outside of London, this beautiful village is virtually unknown to tourists, and it has a feeling of authenticity un-rivaled in England’s more popular countryside destinations. And while you might not find much to do in Shere, aside from some lovely walkabouts and […]