In my early 20s, I took my first trip abroad to the beautiful country of Switzerland. I brought back more chocolate than is legally allowed to pass through U.S. customs and an insatiable desire to see the rest of the world. I don’t get to travel nearly as often as I would like, so I keep my wanderlust spirit alive by planning vacations for others.

I got my start in travel planning by designing fantasy trips for myself. In some cases I went on the trips that I created, while other itineraries got filed away and are still waiting to be used. I eventually amassed quite the database of travel knowledge – information that I have loved sharing with others over the years. As a personal travel planner, I now have taken my work to the next level. My travel suggestions are no longer based solely on what I have liked and enjoyed – they are tailored to the needs and trip parameters of my customers.

Travel has opened my mind and sparked my sense of wonder and adventure. My goal here is to share travel with others so that they too can experience some of the joy that I have found through exploring the world.

I would love to help design your next trip so that we can make your travel dreams become a reality!

- Alena Hadley, The Trip Architect