A Partnership to Promote Limon, Costa Rica

I strongly believe in the personal benefits of travel. For most, exploring new worlds and encountering different cultures opens the mind and increases one’s ability to perspective take. Because of the recreational nature of travel, we tend to view it as a personal luxury - something that only benefits our own lives.

But travel also makes an impact on a more global scale. Visitors to foreign lands contribute to local economies, and for some destinations, tourism dollars play a pivotal role in the health and stability of the location and its people. This symbiotic relationship - where locals are able to increase their entrepreneurial capabilities through tourism, and visitors have the opportunity to open their minds to new cultures - is a beautiful and significant phenomenon. I consider it to be one of the more meaningful elements of my work in the travel industry.

For this reason, I was thrilled to establish a partnership with the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship (GCCE), a non-profit organization that works to foster entrepreneurship in creative and cultural economies. GCCE recently teamed up with the United Nations Council on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Cosat Rican government to develop a location-based tourism strategy for the Limon province, which lies along the Caribbean coast of the Central American nation.

I’ll be helping promote travel to the Limon province by creating exciting trip itineraries for touring through the region and by reporting on aspects of its natural beauty, wildlife, and culture that make this part of the world a truly unique place to visit. I am especially excited to tell my readers about this part of Costa Rica because it is a relatively undiscovered part of the world, rife with opportunities for visitors to have authentic, local experiences. I’ll look forward to telling you more about this special region in my future writings.

Until then, pura vida.

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Alena Hadley

Alena Hadley, The Trip Architect, is a travel writer and vacation planner with a passion for designing exciting and creative trip itineraries. Alena is a pro at planning trips that combine classic travel experiences with offbeat, local adventures. She also has experience creating personalized travel itineraries for individuals with unique needs. Alena loves sharing travel ideas and inspiring others to see the world.

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